Zipp Super-9 Disc

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Zipp Super-9 Disc:
The new Super-9 disc excels in races won on full-throttle power. Intended for time trials, track racing, and the occasional Tour de France prologue, the Super-9 is stiffer than our 900 disc and matches the Sub-9’s remarkable ability to generate forward lift when paired with our Tangente tire.

Whereas the Sub-9 achieved this feat by incorporating Zipp’s patented toroidal bulged rim shape to match the Zipp Tangente tire, the Super-9 creates the same level of aero performance with a flat-sided design that is 27.5mm throughout.

With a slightly wider 23mm tire bed, the Super-9 is able to provide superb aerodynamics with tires up to 23mm while offering ample chainstay clearance for even the tightest aero frames. Note: integrated aero rear brakes in some frames may present clearance issues; please check fit with brake before purchasing.

The Super-9’s hub features the stiff 17mm axles of the 188 road hub along with adjustable bearing preload with the industry’s only aero preload nut. The standard version of the Super-9 weighs less than 1,000 grams and is convertible between road and track setups.

Note: Valve stem must be at least 45mm. Please use a 27mm valve extender with all Tangente tires.

Product Specifications:

  • Aero Width - 27.5mm
  • Total Weight - 995g
  • Tire Bed Width - 21.5mm
  • Track Adaptable
  • Dimpled Surface


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